How We Reward You

Recast's Reward Policy

Watch the sport you want and support the sport you love

When you join Recast, you’ll immediately start earning our in-app credits, which we call ‘Cast Credits’.

You can use our ‘Cast Credits’ to watch videos and live-streams we have on our app and your Cast Credits will directly support the athlete, content creator, club or organisation which posted/uploaded it. Doesn't that make you feel all warm and fuzzy?

On this page you can find out more about how we reward you with Cast Credits so that it is even easier for you to watch the sport you want, whilst supporting the sport directly. We update this Reward Policy from time to time so please check back in.

About your Cast Credits

Cast Credits act as our in-app reward credits, which you can earn or buy and use to watch videos of your favorite sports.

Cast Credits are normally sold by us for £0.01 and are subject to you buying a minimum of 100 - so 100 Cast Credits can be purchased for £1. We will sometimes offer special deals, for example 1000 Cast Credits for £9.

You can check the number of Cast Credits you have available to redeem at any time via your Recast virtual in-app wallet.

If you do not have sufficient Cast Credits in your wallet to cover the price of a video you will not be able to watch it and you will need to earn or purchase more Cast Credits.

Cast Credits cannot be sold, transferred, traded or otherwise redeemed for monetary value. Cast Credits (whether purchased or earned) cannot be redeemed for cash, but if you have purchased Cast Credits from us, our Refund Policy applies. Please contact us on and one of our team will be happy to assist.

How we reward you

Join Recast

You are rewarded with Cast Credits as soon as you join Recast

When creating your account you'll immediately earn up to 100 Cast Credits just for signing up! Why wait... That's a slam dunk for everyone!

Invite Friends

You are rewarded with Cast Credits when the friends you've invited join Recast

All you have to do is invite friends via your unique share link (which can be found in your in-app wallet).

For every successful referral you can earn up to 100 Cast Credits!*
The more people who join through your link the more Cast Credits you can make!

You can also earn up to 100 Cast Credits* for any user that signs up as a result of you sharing a video link with them.

*You’ll be rewarded with 50 Cast Credits as soon as someone you’ve invited joins Recast using your unique share link and a further 50 Cast Credits once they’ve redeemed 200 Cast Credits.

Share your favourite videos

At Recast we believe sharing is caring. If you share videos, we share free Cast Credits!

Simply tap the ‘Share & Earn’ icon on any video you’ve watched to share a link to your friends on any other apps (Email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or any other social sharing platform).

Then for anyone that follows your link to watch the video on Recast, a % of the Cast Credits they use to watch it will go straight into your in-app wallet. The % you’ll recieve is based on the ‘share ratio’ set by the user who uploaded the video and can be seen on the ‘Share & Earn’ icon before you share the link.

Let's put that into a real time scenario: You use 100 Cast Credits to watch a video on Recast and you love it. So you click the ‘Share & Earn’ icon and share your unique link with your friends on social media. Ten of your friends follow your link and watch the video on Recast, thanks to you. In return, you will recieve 50% of 1000 Cast Credits (minus Recast’s transaction fee of 15%). That’s 425 Cast Credits!

*Share & Earn is only available on videos that you’ve used Cast Credits to watch, not on free previews or Watch & Earn adverts. You will only earn Cast Credits the first time each person who uses one of your ‘Share & Earn’ links watches the video, ie you don’t earn anything if they watch it again (a “Replay”)

Watch Ads

You watch an ad - You get rewarded

Some videos on Recast are labelled as “Watch & Earn” videos. These are videos from brands or advertisers. With us, the choice is yours whether to watch these or not.

If you tap a ”Watch & Earn” video you will earn the number of Cast Credits indicated once you’ve watched the video.*

*You must watch the full “Watch & Earn” video to earn the Cast Credits indicated. You will not earn Cast Credits if you watch it again (a “Replay”). Some videos may be identified as adverts, for example because they have been made in conjuction with an athlete’s sponsor, but may not be a “Watch & Earn” videos. You can decide whether to spend Cast Credits to those videos, or not.

Buy Cast Credits

Don’t forget you can also top up your Cast Credits by buying them via the ‘Buy Cast Credits’ icon in your in-app wallet

Cast Credits are normally sold by us for £0.01 and are subject to you buying a minimum of 100 Cast Credits – so 100 Cast Credits can be purchased for £1. We will sometimes offer special deals, or example 1000 Cast credits for £9. The more Cast Credits you have the more you can watch!


  • You’ll need to create an account before you can watch your favorite sports but don’t worry it’s pretty simple and we’ll even give you 100 of our Cast Credits for doing so! Simply visit our app at to create your account. Once you have signed up to Recast you can watch videos anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop all from the click of a button.
  • Recast is currently available in the countries listed HERE. We’re currently working hard to ensure more countries and territories are added once we have so everyone around the world can enjoy their favourite sports.

  • Recast will be available on your phone, tablet, and laptop, via