Terms and Conditions

Last updated: June 2021


Welcome to Recast’s Terms & Conditions (our “T&Cs” ). Our T&Cs are set out in several sections which you can find below. Please review all of them to check which apply to you.

About Recast

Recast is a digital platform offering official live streams and on demand videos available at the.recast.app (the Platform). Videos are uploaded and shared by users of the Platform – users include some of the world’s biggest sports clubs, leagues, events and organisations. The Platform has its own reward credits, known as Cast Credits. Cast Credits can be earned or purchased (see further sections 2.5 and 2.6 below) and are redeemed in return for watching videos on the Platform.

The Platform is a progressive web app. It is accessed online via an internet browser. You don’t need to download the Platform or install it onto your device but you can download a shortcut to the Platform onto your device for easy access.

Who we are

The Platform is made available by Recast Sports Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 11507205 whose registered address is at 36 Spital Square, Fourth Floor, London, United Kingdom, E1 6DY (us, we or our).

How we refer to you, and which terms apply to you

If you access the Platform without registering we refer to you as a “Guest”. Guests have limited access to the Platform and will only be able to view previews of videos and see other areas of the Platform that don’t require registration. If you are a Guest, the General Terms apply to your use of the Platform.

If you create an account to access the Platform, we refer to you as a “User”. There are two types of User: “Verified Users” are those Users who we grant verified user status to and have a Channel on the Platform they can upload Videos to. All other Users are referred to as “Standard Users”.

If you are a Standard User, the User Terms and General Terms below apply to your use of the Platform.

If you are a Verified User, the User Terms, General Terms and the Verified User Terms apply to your use of the Platform.

We refer to Guests and Users (including both Standard and Verified Users) all as “you” and “your” in these T&Cs.

Key terminology

We use the term “Content” to describe all of the videos provided, uploaded, streamed or published to the Platform and all text, audio, live stream, images, graphics, pictures, information or any other content you provide when using the Platform.

Published Content” refers to the Content which a Verified User decides to make available for other Users and Guests to view by selecting “publish” – this will include the video or audio file (the “Video”), the title of the Video, and any description and cover image associated with the Video. Published Content also includes live stream Videos of Verified Users. A “Channel” refers to the collection of Videos a Verified User has shared or published from their Account.

Only we or Verified Users can publish Content to the Platform.

Each time a User watches a Video beyond the preview, this constitutes a “View”.

When we define words and phrases in these T&Cs, they will have that meaning wherever else they are used in these T&Cs when they start with capital letters. A helpful list of the terminology we use can be found in our Definitions section.

Your acceptance of these T&Cs

By accessing and using the Platform you accept these T&Cs and agree to be legally bound by them. If you do not agree to these T&Cs, you must discontinue use of the Platform and if you’ve downloaded a shortcut to the Platform on your device we recommend that you delete this.

By accessing and using the Platform you also acknowledge that your information will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and that our Cookie Policy applies.

Please review these T&Cs, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy and save a copy of them for your future reference.

Right to update T&Cs

From time to time we may change, update or revise these T&Cs and the policies they refer to.

Any revised terms or policies will be made available to you and a notification of any material changes will either be displayed prominently on the Platform or emailed to you. Please take a moment to read the changes. If you continue to use the Platform after we make the changes, you will be deemed to agree to the changes. If you do not agree to the changes, you should not use the Platform.

This version of our T&Cs is effective from June 2021. Previous versions of our T&Cs can be found at Old T&Cs.

User Terms

  1. Recast Accounts

    1. Registering an account.
      All Users (including Standard Users and Verified Users) need to register an account to access the Platform (an “Account”). You may only have one Account.

      When creating an Account you need to provide certain personal information about yourself and you must ensure this information is true and accurate. You must keep this information up to date.

      When you sign up we will assign you a username. You will also be prompted to create your Platform ‘identity’ (your “Platform ID”): this may include a ‘handle’, account name, a profile image, and, for Verified Users, includes your Channel name. Your Platform ID can be chosen by you but must not be misleading. The Platform ID of Verified Users will be seen by other Users and Guests. If you are a Standard User, depending on the functionality you use within the Platform, some or all of your Platform ID may be seen by other Users and Guests on the Platform.

      When registering you will be prompted to select a password. You must keep your password secure. We recommend that you change your password from time to time to assist with security.

      If you believe someone has accessed the Platform using your details and password without your authorisation, it is your responsibility to set up a new password.

      You can amend your personal details, your Platform ID (other than usernames), and your password at any time by accessing your Account via the Settings area.

      Your Platform ID (and any element of it, for example your account name or profile image) must not: (i) be obscene or offensive, (ii) infringe any third party rights, (iii) mislead anyone as to your identity or (for Verified Users) the content available via your Channel, or (iv) otherwise (in our absolute discretion) be considered inappropriate. We may ask you to change any element of your Platform ID at any time, or change it directly ourselves (in which case we will send a message to your registered email address explaining this).

    2. Deleting your Account or Content.
      You can ask us to delete your Account at any time by selecting “Delete My Account” in the Settings area.

      If you are a Standard User we will delete your Account within 30 days of receiving your request but we may retain relevant metadata (such as credit ledger history) on our systems for accounting and audit reasons for as long as is necessary to fulfil our legal and/or contractual obligations and/or for other legal purposes.

      If you are a Verified User, within 30 days of receiving your request we will delete your Account and remove from the Platform your Channel and all of your Published Content. You also have the option of deleting Published Content at any time (see further section 6.5 of the Verified User Terms).

      We may, however, retain your Published Content and related data (including your personal details, Profile ID, the dates you uploaded and published the Content, and other relevant metadata such as credit ledger history) on our systems beyond the date of deletion for accounting and audit reasons for as long as is necessary to fulfil our legal and/or contractual obligations and/or for other legal purposes.

      You will have no right to retrieve your Content save as set out in our Privacy Policy For further information about how we retain your personal information following Account deletion, please see our Privacy Policy

      We may suspend and/or permanently deactivate or delete your Account if we have reason to believe that you are in breach of these T&Cs.

      Once we have deleted your Account and Content, it cannot be recovered. We recommend that you keep a copy of all of your Content.

      You will no longer be able to earn Cast Credits and you will lose all Cast Credits that are credited to your Account when your Account is deleted or deactivated (subject to any refund you are entitled to in accordance with our Refund policy).

  2. Cast credits

    1. About Cast Credits.
      Cast Credits are reward credits issued by us, and can only be used within the Platform. Cast Credits can either be purchased from us or can be earned within the Platform.

      Cast Credits are only available from us, and we are the only entity that accepts Cast Credits. All Cast Credit transactions are made through us, meaning:

      • When you redeem Cast Credits, you transfer your Cast Credits to us; and
      • When you earn Cast Credits we transfer Cast Credits to you.

      Cast Credits cannot be sold, transferred, traded or otherwise redeemed for monetary value.

    2. Redeeming Cast Credits to watch Videos
      You can redeem Cast Credits to View Videos on the Platform. The number of Cast Credits you need to redeem to View any Video (the “Price”) is stated on the preview of each Video.

      If you want to watch more than the preview of a Video, click “keep watching” or “watch” and we will automatically deduct the number of Cast Credits equal to the Price from your Wallet (as defined in section 2.4).

    3. Replays
      Once you've Viewed a Video it will normally be accessible to View again (a “Replay”) in your “Library” without you needing to redeem any more Cast Credits for at least 7 days, unless:

      • it's a live stream;
      • the Video has been deleted or unpublished from the Platform for any reason;
      • the Video has not been made available for subsequent viewing, has been made available for Replays for less than 7 days from the date of the first View, or the Video has been made available for a limited number of Replays (in which case this will be explained at the point the Cast Credits are redeemed for the first View of the Video); or
      • it’s a “Watch & Earn Video”.
    4. Your Recast Wallet
      You can check the number of Cast Credits you have available to redeem at any time via your Recast virtual wallet (your “Wallet”) in the Platform.

      If you do not have sufficient Cast Credits in your Wallet to cover the Price of a Video you will not be able to watch it and you will need to earn or purchase more Cast Credits (see our Rewards Policy).

    5. Earning Cast Credits
      You can earn Cast Credits in accordance with our Rewards Policy

    6. Purchasing Cast Credits
      Cast Credits can only be purchased from us, and can only be used by redeeming them through us in accordance with these T&Cs.

      When you purchase Cast Credits from us you will pay us in pound sterling (or such other currencies as we may accept from time to time) using the payment methods we accept (see further here). Upon receipt of your payment, we will automatically convert this to Cast Credits at the rate we specify when you purchase them.

    7. Refunds
      Cast Credits cannot be redeemed for cash. However, if you have purchased Cast Credits from us, our Refund policy applies.

  3. Your responsibility for your Content

    1. Whether you are a Standard User or a Verified User, you are solely responsible for all Content you upload or publish to the Platform (including all Videos, your Platform ID and anything else you upload or publish) and for the consequences of uploading and/or publishing such Content.

      You confirm that:

      • you own or have all necessary licences, rights (including all intellectual property rights), consents and permissions to upload, publish and make available to all Users and Guests the Content that you upload to the Platform and to grant the rights you grant to us in section 4 below;
      • when used on the Platform or in accordance with the rights you grant to us in section 4 below, your Content will not infringe the rights of any third party (including any privacy rights, intellectual property rights, moral rights or rights in performances);
      • if your Content features the personal data of any individual (including their name, image, voice or other attributes) you have obtained the relevant individuals’ consent (or have other lawful grounds) to feature their personal data as used in your Content and to grant us the rights to use your Content as set out in section 4 below;
      • you have taken all reasonable steps to inform the individuals whose personal data features in the Content that the Content may be broadcast and/or made public more generally such that they may reasonably expect that the Content may appear on the Platform and may otherwise be used in accordance with the rights granted to us in section 4 below;
      • any information contained in your Content is accurate and not misleading; and
      • your Content complies with, and will not cause us or any other User to be in breach of any applicable law, including any applicable advertising codes and standards (including in the UK the CAP Code) and data privacy laws.

    We may (but are not obliged to) monitor and moderate your Content and the Content of other Users.

    If we are notified, or become aware, that any of your Content infringes the rights of any third party and/or is otherwise in breach of these T&Cs (including our Acceptable Use Policy), we may unpublish or delete such infringing Content without prior notice to you. We may also, acting reasonably, disclose your identity to any third party who is claiming that your Content infringes their intellectual property rights, right to privacy or other rights.

    You will notify us without delay by emailing copyright@recast.app if you become aware that any of your Content is or becomes in breach of these T&Cs and you will provide us with any and all information and assistance that we require in order to identify and remove that Content from the Platform.

  4. Permission to use your Content

    1. Our right to use your Content
      You grant us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, transferable, royalty-free licence (which is unlimited in time) to:

      • use, host and store all of your Content to operate and provide the necessary functionality of the Platform;
      • publicly display, broadcast, transmit, and make available your Published Content to Guests and other Users via the Platform (in each case in the form you publish it to the Platform, save that we may covert the format of your Published Content and translate it, and make such other modifications as we may deem necessary to ensure it complies with these T&Cs);
      • allow Guests and Users to share links (on and off the Platform) to your Published Content;
      • copy, modify, translate and make derivative works of, your Published Content for use in connection with the promotion of the Platform;
      • to publicly display, broadcast, transmit, and make available your Published Content (including in the form modified by us as described in points (b) and (d) above) to promote us, the Platform, your Published Content and/or your Channel, in any media (including via our social media channels, in our advertising and in promotional materials); and
      • to use your Content for any other purposes as may be required by law.
    2. How long we can use your Content for
      The rights you grant us above are not limited by time and will continue (in accordance with section 1.2) after you delete your Account or any Content, and after you unpublish any Content.

General Terms

  1. Who Can use the Platform
    1. Age Restriction

      1. You must be at least 16 years old to access and use the Platform. We reserve the right to request proof of age at any stage so that we can verify your age.

        If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must have the consent of your parent or guardian to access and use the Platform. You should review these T&Cs with them.

        If you are a parent or guardian of a User or Guest who is under 18, by allowing them to use the Platform, you agree to be bound by these T&Cs and you are responsible for their use of the Platform.

      2. Prohibited users
        You must not use the Platform if:

        • you are prohibited from doing so by any applicable law; or
        • we have previously deleted an Account of yours or blocked you from the Platform because you were in breach of our T&Cs or any applicable law.
    2. Prohibited Activities
      Except as expressly permitted in these T&Cs, you shall not, and shall not permit or encourage anyone to:

      • use the Platform in violation of applicable laws, our T&Cs or policies, including our Acceptable Use Policy;
      • use the Platform in any way that infringes, misappropriates, or violates any privacy, intellectual property, or other rights of any third party;
      • copy, sell, use, distribute, or make available any Content of any other User or any other data collected from the Platform and for the avoidance of doubt you may not embed Videos of other Users on other websites or apps and you may only provide links to Videos on the Platform using the Platform’s functionality;
      • use any bots, “click farms”, “click fraud” or similar methods to artificially increase the number of Views of Videos, or the amount that may be earned by Users (whether in Cast Credits or cash);
      • use the Platform in a way that is derogatory, libellous, threatening, offensive, harassing, deceptive, abusive, promoting of violence or any illegal activities;
      • falsely give the impression that we endorse you or your Content;
      • act in a manner that may be perceived as damaging to us, the Platform or our service providers' reputation and goodwill, or which may bring us, the Platform or our service providers into disrepute or harm;
      • conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction and data harvesting) on or in relation to our Platform without our express written consent;
      • gain unauthorised access to any part of the Platform;
      • circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Platform, or with features that prevent or restrict use of the Platform;
      • copy, modify, translate, decompile or reverse engineer the Platform including by attempting to derive the source code of the Platform;
      • make a derivative work of the Platform, or use the Platform to develop any service or product that is the same as, or substantially similar to, or that competes with the Platform;
      • create software which replicates or mimics the data or functionality in the Platform;
      • publish, transmit, or link to any robot, spider, crawler, virus, malware, Trojan horse, spyware, or similar malicious code or item intended (or that has the potential) to damage, disrupt, compromise, or exploit the Platform;
      • use any automatic or manual process to monitor or copy our web pages (or the content or data contained on the Platform);
      • use the Platform in any way or take any action that causes, or may cause, damage to the Platform or impairment of the performance, availability or accessibility of the Platform;
      • attempt to do any of the acts listed above.
    3. Copyright Protection
      If you believe that any Content has been made available on the Platform in such a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please contact us at copyright@recast.app with the following information:

      • an electronic or physical signature of the person authorised to act on behalf of the owner of the copyright protected content;
      • a description of the copyright protected content that you believe has been infringed upon;
      • a full description of where on the Platform this content can be found (including the relevant URL);
      • your address, telephone number, and e-mail address;
      • a statement by you that in your reasonable belief the use of the content is not authorised by the copyright owner, its agent, or the law; and
      • a statement by you that the information contained in this notice, and any other information we may reasonably require from you in order to enable us to resolve the issue of copyright infringement (whether actual or alleged) is accurate and that you are either the copyright owner or authorised to act on the copyright owner’s behalf.

      We shall use our reasonable endeavours to review your request and take, in our sole discretion, appropriate action with respect to such Content.

    4. User Content & Raising Concerns
      The Platform enables Users to display Content. We do not routinely review, monitor or moderate User Content and we cannot guarantee the accuracy, integrity or quality of User Content. By using the Platform, you agree to assume this risk and acknowledge that all User Content is made available on the basis that we are not required to exercise any control or judgement over User Content.

      The views expressed in any User Content are the views of the User or individual authors and not ours, unless specified otherwise by us. We disclaim all liability in respect of any comments, views or remarks expressed in any User Content.

      It is a known risk of internet usage that people are not necessarily who they say they are. People may provide information or behave in a way that is unreliable, misleading, unlawful or illegal. We have no way of telling if statements made by other Users are true. You should therefore exercise some degree of caution when using any website or app. By using the Platform you accept that you use the Platform at your own risk.

      If you have concerns of this nature in relation to any User or Content on the Platform please use the “Report” function available via the ellipsis (…) icon available on each Video. We shall use our reasonable endeavours to review your concerns and take, in our sole discretion, appropriate action with respect to such Content.

    5. Availability of Platform
      We provide the Platform on an “as is” and “as available” basis. We give no warranty that the Platform will be free of defects and/or faults, that defects will be corrected or that the Platform or the server that makes it available are free of viruses or anything else which may be harmful or destructive.

      Whilst we will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the Platform is secure and free of errors, viruses and other malware, we give no warranty or guaranty in that regard and you are responsible for your own security, that of your personal details and your computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device that you use for accessing the Platform. We accept no liability for any disruption or non-availability of the Platform. We are under no obligation to update information on the Platform.

      We reserve the right to alter, suspend or discontinue any part (or the whole of) the Platform. These T&Cs shall continue to apply to any modified version of the Platform unless it is expressly stated otherwise.

      We provide all Content in such format types as we determine.

      Your computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device that you use for accessing the Platform must be of sufficient technical specification to be able to view Content in such formats and sizes as we provide.

      We do not accept any liability for your inability to receive, access or otherwise view Content on the Platform, resulting from the incompatibility of your computer, tablet, smartphone, laptop or other device and/or their associated systems with the required technical specifications.

      You are responsible for all charges that your mobile network and/or internet service provider may apply in respect of your use of data in connection with your use of the Platform. If you are not the bill payer for the device being used to access the Platform, you must obtain, and will be assumed to have received, permission from the bill payer for using the Platform.

    6. Obligation to update to latest version
      We may update some or all of the Platform and/or any of the functionality and/or Content made available through it at any time and for any reason, for example to improve performance, enhance the user experience, reflect changes to operating systems or address security issues. Alternatively, we may ask you to update parts of the Platform for these reasons.

      If you choose not to install such updates or if you opt-out of automatic updates (where applicable) you may not be able to continue using the Platform or functionality may be impaired.

    7. Termination and suspension of Accounts

      1. Termination by us
        We may, at our sole discretion, without notice and without liability to you, immediately terminate or suspend your Account, or block your use of the Platform, in the event that we reasonably consider that:

        • you have violated these T&Cs; or
        • you have violated any of our policies (including our Acceptable Use Policy); If we terminate your Account on those grounds, you shall not be entitled to any refunds and any Cast Credits in your Wallet at the date of termination will be lost.

        If your account is suspended, you will not be able to use the Platform during any period of suspension.

        We may also terminate or suspend your Account:

        • if we decide to no longer provide the Platform, for example due to technical, financial or legitimate business reasons; or
        • for any reason on 30 days’ notice to you.
      2. Termination by you
        If you no longer want to use the Platform please stop accessing it and, if you have an Account, please delete your Account (see section 1.2 of the User Terms). When you delete your Account, your agreement with us will be immediately terminated and any Cast Credits in your Wallet at the date of termination will be lost (subject to any refund you are entitled to in accordance with our Refund policy).

    8. Recast IPR We and/or our licensors own all rights, title and interest (including intellectual property rights) in and to the Platform.

      Other than as expressly set out in these T&Cs, we do not grant you any right in respect of the Platform or any other materials. Any rights not expressly granted to you in these T&Cs, are hereby reserved.

    9. Third party links
      The Platform (and emails that we send to you in connection with the Platform) may include links to third party websites, applications and/or other digital properties (“Third Party Properties”) that are controlled and maintained by third parties. If you decide to visit any Third Party Properties or use a service made available through, or purchase products via, a Third Party Property, you do so at your own risk. It is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the reputation of the relevant third party and the services they offer.

      We are not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions expressed on Third Party Properties. Links that we make available to websites or services do not imply that we are, or our Platform is, affiliated to or associated with such websites or services.

      Your interaction with any Third Party Properties is subject to the relevant third party’s own terms and policies. In particular, third parties may process your personal data in accordance with their own privacy notices. Please read all applicable terms and policies of the relevant third party before using a Third Party Property and/or using a service made available through, or purchasing products via, a Third Party Property.

    10. Indemnity
      You shall indemnify us and hold us harmless from all damage, costs and expenses (including reasonable legal fees) incurred by us as a result of any claim arising out of any breach by you of these T&Cs and/or in connection with any Content uploaded by you.

    11. Limit on liability

      1. Consumers have certain legal rights when using our Platform. These are also known as “statutory rights” as they are derived from laws such as the UK Consumer Rights Act 2015. Nothing in these T&Cs affects these rights.

      2. Further, nothing in these T&Cs excludes our liability:

        • for death or personal injury caused by our negligence;
        • for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or
        • any statutory liability not capable of limitation.
      3. This section 11 sets out our entire financial liability to you (including any liability for the acts or omissions of our employees, agents and sub-contractors) arising under or in connection with these T&Cs including in respect of:

        • any use made by you of the Platform;
        • any Content;
        • Cast Credits, including any use or inability to use Cast Credits, loss or corruption of Cast Credits;
        • any funds or currency you have exchanged for Cast Credits;
        • any services we may provide to you via or in connection with the Platform;
        • any loss or accidental unauthorised disclosure of User data; and
        • any representation, misrepresentation (whether innocent or negligent), statement or tortious act or omission (including negligence) arising under or in connection with these T&Cs.
      4. Except as expressly and specifically provided in these T&Cs, you assume sole responsibility for your use of the Platform, your Cast Credits, any Content you upload, share, link to or live stream, the results of or conclusions drawn from your use of the Platform and for any information you provide to us. We will have no liability for any damage caused by errors or omissions in any part of the Platform.

      5. All warranties, representations, conditions and all other terms of any kind whatsoever implied by statute or common law are excluded from these T&Cs to the fullest extent permitted by law.

      6. We shall not be liable under or in relation to the Platform (however arising and including as a result of breach of contract, statutory duty, tort (including negligence)) for:

        • any direct or indirect loss of profits, loss of contracts, loss of business, loss of goodwill and/or similar losses or loss or corruption of data; or
        • any indirect or consequential loss or damage.
      7. Subject to the other provisions in this section 11 and our Refund policy, our total aggregate liability in connection with these T&Cs shall be limited to £100.

    12. General

      1. Assignment
        You will not assign, transfer, charge, sub-contract or deal in any other manner with all or any of its rights or obligations under these T&Cs, without our prior written consent.

      2. Waiver
        A waiver of any right under these T&Cs or by law shall only be effective if given in writing and shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or default.

        A failure or delay by a party to exercise any right or remedy provided under these T&Cs or by law shall not constitute a waiver of that or any other right or remedy, nor shall it prevent or restrict any further exercise of that or any other right or remedy. No single or partial exercise of such right or remedy shall prevent or restrict the further exercise of that or any other right or remedy.

      3. Severance
        If any provision (or part of a provision) of these T&Cs is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it shall be deemed modified to the minimum extent necessary to make it valid, legal and enforceable. If such modification is not possible, the relevant provision or part-provision shall be deemed deleted. Any modification to or deletion of a provision or part-provision under this section 12.3 shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the rest of these T&Cs.

      4. Third Party Rights
        These T&Cs are only enforceable by you and us. No term of these T&Cs shall be enforceable by virtue of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 (or otherwise) by anyone else.

      5. Governing law and jurisdiction
        These T&Cs and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with them, their subject matter or their formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

        If you are a consumer, you may have a right to bring a claim in your local jurisdiction. In all other cases, you and we agree that the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute which may arise out of or in connection with these T&Cs.

    13. Raising concerns
      If you have an enquiry or complaint about our Platform, please submit a support request at support@recast.app or use the Report functionality within the Platform.

      If we are unable to resolve your complaint and you wish to raise a dispute or bring a claim against us, you agree to first seek to resolve this informally with us and if this is not possible, we will offer to engage in an impartial out-of-court dispute resolution procedure with you.

Refund Policy

If you are a “consumer” (within the meaning of applicable UK consumer law) and you purchase Cast Credits on the Platform, you are entitled to a statutory 14 day window starting on the date you purchased the Cast Credits (the “Cooling-Off Period”) during which time you may cancel your purchase of any of those purchased Cast Credits that you have not used, and you can claim a refund in respect of them.

You agree that you will be able to start using the Cast Credits you have purchased during the Cooling-Off Period.

If you do use any of those purchased Cast Credits during the Cooling-Off Period (for example by redeeming them to watch Videos on the Platform) you will lose your right to a refund in respect of them.

There is no right to a refund in respect of any Cast Credits you have “earned” on the Platform in accordance with our Rewards Policy and you cannot cash these out.

If, during the relevant Cooling-Off Period, you would like to request a refund in respect of the Cast Credits purchased but that you have not yet used/redeemed, please submit a refund request via Partnersupport@recast.app and we will reimburse you the full amount of those un-used purchased Cast Credits within 14 days of your refund request. We will issue the refund to the same payment card that was used for the purchase transaction. Please note that you must submit your request for a refund before the expiry of the Cooling-Off Period.

When assessing how many “purchased” Cast Credits in your Wallet are un-used and eligible for a refund, any “earned” Cast Credits held within your Wallet will be deemed to have been used first, followed by “purchased” Cast Credits, and if you have purchased Cast Credits on more than one occasion (before all previously purchased Cast Credits have been used), the Cast Credits purchased first will be treated as used first.

If you are a business or corporate User, you are not entitled to any refunds on Cast Credits purchased on the Platform.