What happens if I don't use my account?

  1. If an account is not being used and has not been logged into for over 24 months we’ll attempt to contact you on your account details provided at sign up.

  2. If there’s no response within 30 days from when we contact you (by email) we’ll start to charge the account a dormant account fee of 500 Casts per month until the account balance is depleted.

If at any time you log in and reactivate your account the dormant account fees will cease.

  1. As soon as the account has no account balance left we’ll send you a final reminder that your account is dormant.

  2. If we do not get a reply from you your account will be closed and cannot be reactivated.

Recast will not benefit from casts remaining on dormant or closed accounts. Any profit collected through dormant account fees will be donated to charitable causes.