How do I upload my videos to Recast?

To upload a video or take a new one, first tap the bottom of the screen:

  1. To upload a video click Upload then SELECT VIDEO

  2. To upload a video from your phone's library, tap Photo Library (iOS) or Gallery (Android) at the bottom of the screen and select the video you would like to post.

  3. To take a new video, tap Take Video at the bottom of the screen. You can switch between front and rear-facing cameras and adjust flash.

  4. Once you've taken or uploaded your video, you can select the sports category, add a title and a description to your video then you can add a cover image. .

  5. You can then set the % for recasts or share your earnings with another user.

  6. You can then preview your post and publish your video. Remember your videos uploads can only be 30seconds or less.