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You can post these images on your social networks with your referral link to help bring your existing audience onto Recast.

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Invite and Earn Help Sheet

A helpful guide on how to direct your audience to your platform and to specific content. We have put together some key messages and suggested social media posts to make your announcement as easy as possible.

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  • You’ll need to create an account before you can watch your favorite sports but don’t worry it’s pretty simple and we’ll even give you 100 of our Cast Credits for doing so! Simply visit our app at to create your account. Once you have signed up to Recast you can watch videos anytime, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop all from the click of a button.
  • Recast is currently available in the countries listed HERE. We’re currently working hard to ensure more countries and territories are added once we have so everyone around the world can enjoy their favourite sports.

  • Recast will be available on your phone, tablet, and laptop, via